Sunday, August 10, 2008

So begins crazy season!

Well after only a few short weeks of "vacation".... an abbreviated trip to Allegany that was cut short due to strep throat outbreaks, a quick overnight trip to Niagara Falls, a 7th birthday celebration and a few trips to Fantasy Island with friends... now the work starts!

Cheerleading is underway - and this year I am assisting with the coaching of my daughters' pee wee squad. We have a huge team this year, and it's proving to be quite challenging... but so far, things are coming together, and we're moving along! Luckily, I have my daughter to help "coach" me on the words and the movements, as I am learning as I go!

I admit... I've never been one to enjoy cheerleading. In fact, I made fun of cheerleaders when I was in school! I now have a greater appreciation for the sport, and how hard these girls work - even at the pee wee level - and I love how much Sara enjoys and excels at it!

In only a couple of weeks, we'll also start Brownies! This is Sara's second year as a Brownie, and also my second year leading her troop. Thank goodness I will have a great co-leader this year, who is conveniently a good friend of mine!

I am looking forward to this year with my second grader and my preschooler! So much planned!!!

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