Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stupid Pink Monkey, LOL!!!

Brianna and I went into the Dollar Tree and she saw a stuffed monkey. This was in November and seemed innocent enough at the time. She really wanted the Monkey and it was just a Dollar so I bought it. Well two days later she has lost it and is DEVASTATED, I mean tears and cries and on the floor upset. We survived that great loss though. Maybe a week later we go in again (I admit it I am a dollar store junkie) and she spots another monkey so I bought it because I remember how much she loved the first one. The first one was purple and this one is blue. Brianna now is mentioning how much she wants a pink one.


Now if you ever go to the Dollar Tree you really don't know what stuffies they will have. Bears are usually a given but monkeys, especially 8" pot bellied monkeys are not as prevalent. The beginning of December I spot a brown one and buy that too. Now Brianna is aware of Christmas and its proximity so she announces that Santa will bring her a pink Monkey.

I go back mid-December and there are no more pot bellied monkeys. Not blue, not purple and especially not pink ones. Brianna is telling everyone about how Santa is bringing her one and I am starting to panic. I am asking everyone I can to look for one if they go into a Dollar Tree. I ask my WNY Mommies friends, I ask my other on line groups to keep an eye out for them. I ask out of state relatives and friends. NOTHING!!!!

Now it is almost Christmas and I am now going to the Dollar Stores again because she is so sure she is getting this stupid pink monkey. It is the only thing she is asking for. I am frantic trying to find it. I am digging through the stuffed animal bins looking for it. The clerks are telling me I am brave, they wont even do that. I am finding valentine toys, but no pink pot bellied monkeys.

I went into one store where some shelves were empty from all the Christmas shopping. Finally I go into one last store and I find one brown pot bellied monkey and two pink dogs that looked kind of close to the monkey. So I bought them all. I wrapped them up (okay I put them in a gift bag after all that shopping I took the easy way out), and put them under the tree.

Christmas morning comes and Brianna is so excited to see her stocking.


She unwraps gifts and announces that Santa did bring the monkey and she couldn't wait to unwrap it. She loved all the coloring books and crayons that Santa left but started to ask where her monkey was.


Then the kids notice the tree has gifts under it too.


Brianna runs to the gift bag opens it up hugs the pink doggie and says that Santa did indeed bring her pink monkey and I knew all that running around and digging through bins of stuffies was worth it. It doesn't matter that it really is a doggie. In her eyes it is the pink monkey that she wanted.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Always the Little Things

My tooth has been bothering me since mid-October. Of course it is a wisdom tooth. I have had three dentist appointments about it so far. The last one they tried to remove it. It is infected and the antibiotics haven't worked well. The pain as they tried to pull it was intense. I would rather go through natural childbirth again before they do that again. So I got another two prescriptions for pain and a stronger antibiotic.

Another two prescriptions on top of the multitude I already take for so many things. My body won't regulate potassium so I have to take that. My blood is acidic so I have to take another pill 4x's a day for that. Oh and there is the depression which ran out this week and I didn't notice. So I spent a night without it.

If I miss a dose I get a bit emotional and dizzy. So Dennis went to get my meds and picked up three scripts. He brought them to me and I opened the bag and emptied them out. I was dizzy and didn't want to walk so I had a couple other scripts next to me. All the bottles kind of clanked together as Brianna came up to me to snuggle.

All of a sudden I was crying. I looked at all the bottles of meds I have to take. It just looked like hundreds of bottles at that moment. I looked at Brianna and hoped she never had to take all the pills I have to. It is such a regular thing for mommy to take meds. Brianna keeps me on my toes and reminds me. My baby already knows what prescription bottles are.

Oh and then I took out a pill for my depression and dropped it in-between the couch cousins. I panicked. I am already upset about taking so many meds now I am worried I won;t be able to find the pill and the kids will find it and take it. So I reach for it and It falls all the way down to the bottom. SO I get hubby to lift the couch and there is a liner. No we have to play tilt the couch to get at the pill and it wouldn't come out.

Remember I didn't take the depression meds the day before and I am already emotional. I want that pill found I am focused on that and Dennis really doesn't seem to care because it is in the liner and thinks the kids won't get to it. This is one of the meds that has a risk of suicide for children under 18 so again I panic. Now I think of how the kittens play in the couch and might eat it

Yes I am going berserk over a pill. It took us 20 minutes to get it out. I calmed down took my pill and tried to calm down.

It is always the little things that seem to effect us the most. Oh and I still need this wisdom tooth pulled. Hopefully before Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Such a first time mom...

My little guy has had a rough week. He has been having trouble falling and staying asleep, crying during bath time (which is usually his favorite!) and bursting out in tears for what seems to be no reason at all. There have probably been a dozen people who have said to me, "he must be teething!" I didn't pay much attention to this because Lincoln has been drooling like crazy and chomping down on teething rings for what seems like his entire life... so, it couldn't be that, right? Well, just a few days ago he started refusing his dinner, which is totally not the usual behavior for my little piggy. He screamed through his entire bath and then only slept about three hours total that night. The next day, I discovered that a tooth had, indeed cut through his bottom gums! My poor little man! I could have been giving him Tylenol to ease his discomfort... I could have been giving him frozen washcloths to chew on to help his hurting little gums... I could have been more patient with him at night when he was fussy at all hours... I could have listened to those dozen people telling me that he was teething!!!

Thank goodness he is feeling better now, but I can see that the "neighbor" tooth is on it's way up and out, so I'm sure we'll be dealing with a sore mouth for a while. Boy, there certainly are a lot of lessons to be learned from a first born!

Friday, November 30, 2007

More Christmas Decorating!

Today was a great day! Scott and I cooked our turkey dinner - well, he did the dirty work - I mainly dictated LOL... but I did whip up a winning batch of peanut butter cookies!!

After dinner, we put up and decorated our Christmas tree with our very eclectic collection of ornaments both from my childhood and newer ones from recent Christmas'...

They goofed off a little....

But in the end...

It came out great! (the tree is behind them somewhere!!)

It's so nice, as the kids are getting older, to enjoy this time with them! They are finally at the age that they "get it" - and it makes the season so fun!

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Favorite Snuggles

I am sick. I mean stay in bed all day, throat feels like it made of broken glass, light is bad and 70 degrees feels cold sick. Luckily it is the weekend and my hubby took over. The house looks like a hurricane hit and the sink is full of dishes but I got to stay in bed for most of the day. I still had to negotiate some squables and dry some tears but I feel better.

My wisdom tooth needs to come out. I am on antibiotics, pain killers and just added anbesol to the mix. I have one more week before it is yanked. To give you an idea of how much it hurts a pillow hurts when it touches my cheek. The soft fuzzy hair of my kittens when brushed on my face makes me wince.

SO why am I telling you about all the ick in my life. Well tonight after the kids went to bed and I sent hubby out for anbesol ($8.00 a bottle OUCH!!!!!) I snuck a peek at Brianna. She was still awake and I cuddled up next to her in her bed. She kisses me on my cheek (yes the side that hurts because of that darn tooth #&$*%!?) and said "I love you mommy". Then she snuggled up next to me and started to hum. All the pain went away as I melted in my babies arms.

Oh those magic snuggles that are exactly what we need at exactly the right time. Nothing else seems to matter!!!!!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting Ready...

Since Scott was hunting this weekend and it was just me and the girls (and I wouldn't torture myself by taking them both shopping!), we decided to get ready for Christmas by making our Christmas Countdown Chain... something we do every year.

It started out pretty innocent...

And 24 links...

... and lots of glitter later...

We survived! (and got a pretty cute Christmas card picture out of it too!)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My growing girls....

When did my six-year old become mature enough to cry during the sad parts of a movie?? I must admit, I get teary eyed myself, but was hiding in the bedroom folding laundry while my 6 and 3 year old daughters watched Casper on the Family Channel. (yes - the one with Christina Ricci in it - her mom is dead, she moves into this haunted mansion and meets Casper)... Anwho at the end are some pretty tear-jerking "deep" scenes, and don't I hear her sniffling away out there!!

My baby has turned into a little person overnight. Crying at grown-up scenes in movies, laughing at the subtle humor in Sesame Street, writing notes to her friends at school and even getting phone calls!! (I'm so not ready for this).

I wonder often... when did this happen? I look at her baby pictures and it just seems so long ago, when in reality it was only a few years... but doesn't a few years go so fast now?

Short and sweet ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Comical Chaos of my Life

So today I had a huge head cold. Brianna took a nap, Patrick was at school so I took some cold meds and took a nap myself. I woke up feeling better. Brianna woke up and we snuggled on my bed. Ah, I though this is nice. I love being a Mommy... and then my son came home from school.

We have been having some behavior issues lately. Enough that I have been concerned enough to call a doctor. Though nothing really major until today. My son came home from school with a red light (Bad behavior) for fighting. He and another boy were wrestling in the playground. On the ground woodchips flying, actual fighting. Oh and it gets better. He was the Red Power Ranger, the good guy (at least I know he was the good guy, LOL) and was fighting the Blue Power Ranger, the bad guy. Now I don't know why the blue power ranger was the bad guy so please don't ask, LOL!!!

Brianna is holding "her" kitten by the neck all over. No matter how often we tell her that the kitten needs to breath and doesn't like to be held by the neck she still does it. The look of that kitten before I rescue it is so pitiful. He is getting smart though. He really doesn't come out often if the kids are playing. He also is starting to let Brianna know that he doesn't like to be held by the neck.

Patrick wanted to go to movie night tonight. I knew he would hate it. The movie was High School Musical which is not the Power Rangers (not that I let him watch them, but still he plays that) or a cartoon or short. But there was an ice cream social so he waned to go. He was acting all excited, talking about the movie amd the stars (He never saw it so I have no idea how he knew all that he knew). He ate his ice cream and then was BORED!!!! I mean crawling on the floor under the tables in the cafeteria bored.

So we go into the auditorium to see the movie and he wants to sit next to a classmate. No problem I think until I notice I am only seats away from my evil ex-neighbor. There was a buffer between us so I was okay. Then the buffer left. Patrick of course got bored and actually thought the movie was scary. I am not sure how it was scary but he was seeking comfort and was obviosly upset by it. I of course knew to pack Teddy Grahms in my purse so that along with mommy suggles kept him occupied and quiet until the movie finally ended. Patrick then told me how boring it was.

I get home well after bedtime and Brianna is running around and didn't want to go to bed. Then my cold comes back with vengence!!! ah I remeber as I manage to finally get both kids to bed with stories and snuggles that I really love being a mommy even with scary High School Musicals, Blue vs Red Power Rangers, kittens being held by the neck and children running around after bedtime. This is what I wanted. It is a good thing that I can see the humor in the Chaos of my life.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Halloween Fairy

I got the idea from one of those parenting magazines when Patrick was a baby. LOL, I never thought I would use it. Until Brianna was born he never collected a whole lot of candy and Daddy and Mommy of course helped him eat the candy. Okay we ate most of it, he was a toddler so we tried to limit his candy intake.

Basically the idea is to at a specific time after Halloween the excess candy is taken by the Halloween Fairy to be given to people who needed it more. I am not sure if that was the original idea I read or a twisted interpretation that I formed in my mind over the years. Oh, yeah - she leaves a present in place of the candy. In our case it is a nice one - about a $10.00 level.

The first time she visited our houses was the first year Brianna joined in. Like before I wasn't expecting much. A small bagfull that would be easy to get through. Nope not my kids. Together they brought home 9 pounds of Candy. To be fair that included a couple indoor events like mall Trick or Treating.

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A huge box of candy that would take forever to go through. Of course the kids just wanted to eat and eat it. We allowed them two pices a day each and I had visions of candy still around for the next Halloween. I recalled the Halloween Fairy idea and molded it to my own use.

The night she came the kids were preped. They put the candy in a special spot and wrote her a note that said how they wanted to give the candy to people that couldn't get any. It was real sweet. They were actually excited about it. Each one was allowed to keep a few pieces of the precious candy but the most of it was gathered to give away.

That night the Halloween Fairy came to our house, we used a special in the back yard so she would know to stop at our house. After all not everybody uses her services, LOL!!!! It is like a Halloween Fairy landing strip. She gathered up the candy and left the kids a note to let them know the candy went to the Veterans Hospital in Buffalo and they were so happy with the children's generocity. She left them two wrapped gifts (one for each child). and said she hoped to see them again next year.

She has visited us every year since and I know a few mommy's have invited her to thier house too. She still gives the candy to the Veteran's. It is alwys a night of excitement when we get the word that she is coming. The kids get everything all set up and wonder what she will leave this year. I wonder too sometimes, LOL!!!! Hopefully nothing painted in China. How do you handle Fairy gift recalls, LOL!!!

So now that the kids are in school I wonder how much longer we will get away with her visits. Most people have never heard of the Halloween Fairy and eventullay I expecting some questions. Maybe she is in the Tooth Fairy division and it is new post. Too many sweets could make too much work for the tooth fairies so it was developed to lessen thier load, LOL!!!

I love being a Mom!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Shopping For Halloween

So I finally (mind you after years of looking) found a plus size witch costume I liked. So I decided that we would stop into the store to check it out. I went up to the wall of options and found the number of the costume I wanted. There were actually two that I was decided between so I tried on both. Amazingly the moment I got them both dressing rooms were free. I tried on both and the one I wanted first was the one that looked better on my. Dennis REALLY liked it. It was of course the last one at the store so I bought it.

Since we were already buying the costume we decided to buy the kids costumes too. (We have already been in the store for about 15 mins, what were we thinking!!!) Patrick immedietly decided on the RED Power Ranger. He has never seen The Power Rangers, nor have I. I am sure the colors mean something but I have no idea and neither does Patrick. He was so happy that we let him get the costume that he was literly bouncing up and down.

Now getting Brianna to select a costume was not nearly as easy. I think she eventually chose every costume in the girls selections and even a few on the boys, including the Red Power Ranger right after Patrick picked it. It took some effort to pick another one. Even though the cost was right I could only have one Red Power Ranger in the house.

So in the end Brianna firmly stood by her choice to be the Wonderful Witch. A frilly pink, purple and black witches costume. One look at her in the costume and I knew it was the perfect costume for her. She was just adorible in it. Now remember when I tried my costume on and both dressing rooms were free. NOT ANYMORE!!!! All of a sudden it was like shopping for a deal on the day after Thanksgiving and the doors just opened.

It was maddness. People were everywhere and the line for the dressing room was LONG!!! We had the kids try the costumes on over their clothes and thankfully they fit so I didn't have to wait to get different ones. Then came the long journey to the door. It was like being the ball in a pinball machine. Though on the way out I managed to find a spider to put on the cobwebs we decorated the front of our house in.

This is the first Halloween both kids have been really into it and the first year Patrick has found the scaryness of it fun too. I am looking forward to all the parties. Not so much the candy. It is a good thing tha Halloween Failry comes about 10 days after Halloween to collect all the leftover candy and leave a gift in place for each child. How much longer will we be able to get away with that one?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Do you know where my mommy is?"

Today we went to the Fall Festival. I had never been before and was pleased with how nice it was. There were games for the children and a nice sized craft fair for me. Okay not much for the dads but there were fire truck rides. The only disappointment was they ran out of pumpkins before we picked ours. Oh I tried earlier but hubby thought the .50 price was too high. MEN!!!!! So by the time I convinced him that that price was a steal, they of course were all gone.

After the festival ended we all went to the playground and the kids had a blast. How is playground this nice is so close to my house and I didn't know about it? There was a merry-go-round, huge slide climbing set, a smaller slide climber, a jungle gym shaped like a train, two swing sets and bouncy toys to ride. WOW!!!!! Patrick and Brianna had a blast!!! We even made friends.

Well while sitting there watching the joy of my children I noticed a little boy wandering around and asking the grown ups something. When he got close enough I could hear he was lost and looking for him mommy. He was asking everybody "Do you know where my mommy is?" He knew what color purse she had. One woman tried to help him but had two little ones of her own that needed her attention. Dennis was watching the kids so I helped the boy.

Okay the park is a nice size but not big enough that I can't see most of it, maybe all of it. No parents are franticly looking for a child. I know I looked around. I took the boy to the area with the highest concentration of workers and adults. The food pavilion, on the way I got some description of the mom and luckily ran into a police officer. I left the boy with the officer. Before I left the police officer asked the boy what his mom's name was and he didn't know. I asked the boy what his daddy calls his mom and we did get a name out of him then, but as I left a last name was still unknown (?).

I kept an eye on him and also noticed a woman sitting at a picnic table talking on her phone. As she got up the color purse she had was I thought the same color the boy said his mom had but she was far away and I wasn't sure so I watched her. She walked to her car, opened a door did something, closed it, walked slowly back toward the playground. She was still on the phone.

Meanwhile the police officer is walking up to groups of people and asking if anyone was the little boys mom or knew who she was or where she was. Finally the boy saw the woman on the phone and happily announced this was his mom. He ran to her and he was so happy. She still was on the phone and really had no idea why he was so happy. The officer walked up to her and said "Mom, your son was lost." I didn't hear any more but the impression I got was the woman was very unaffected by the incident. The police officer shook his head and walked up to me to thank me for my help. He said this was common; many parents just don't get it.

What if I didn't lead him to that officer? The boy was walking in the complete opposite direction than his mom was sitting at. We were close to the river, close enough that he could have wandered there. Plus there was a creek near by. Not to mention anyone could have been there. If that boy followed me no questions asked to the pavilion he would have gone with anyone I think.

He didn't know important information. His moms name, phone number or address. I try to make sure my kids know that information, but this really showed me how important that information is. I was most upset by the moms seemingly lack of concern. I watched her. She never, even after her son found her, no idea that he was lost. He child was missing for about 15 - 20 minutes and she was happily talking on the phone and obviously not watching him.

This has obviously affected me to write about it. I am full of panic if I don't see my kids for a minute and I sometimes think I am to paranoid. Now I know that I'm not. I teach my kids what to do if they get lost or separated from up. I also do all I can to make sure that doesn't ever happen. I never want to be that mom talking on the phone who has no idea that her child is missing!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Kitten-Napper

Today Brianna decided she didn't need a nap no matter how much I tried to convince her otherwise. The kittens have decided to start exploring dispite mama's objections. I guess swe both have children issues now. So Brianna was loving watching the kittens wander around and was occupied. I had a friend over and we were talking and I noticed that mama cat was being more vocal than usual and wandering around. I got up and saw the door to my room was closed so I opened it since the kittens and mama reside under my bed where no one can reach. I figured she was just upset that she and the kittens were not in the safe place and a new person was in the house.

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Mama ran inside and I went back to talking and Brianna was happily in her room NOT napping. Once my friend left Brianna was telling me all about her kiiten and how she loved it and how it was so cute sleeping. Mama was still looking all over and making all sorts of noise. I asked Brianna where her kitten was and she told me it was in her room. I follwed her into her room and snuggled in her dresser drawer nestled in her clothes was Butterscotch.

No wonder Mama couldn't find him. So "rescued" the kitten and returned him to Mama and she was so happy. Meanwhile Simba was nestled under the bed in the farthest corner happily away from the kitten-nappers reach. Three and a half weeks was all it took for her to pull of this capper. I wonder how much longer it will take before Simba gets smuggled into the drawer too.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's a Small World

When I was in High School I had a best friend that I did everything together with. Margie and I were like two peas in a pod. When she feel for one of the guys in our class I knew it was real and would last. It has!!! Over the years I have spend the night at their place a few times. I was there for her when her children were born and we had roles in each other's weddings.

Over the many (way to many) years since High School even with all our effort to stay in touch we started to slip away from each other. Oh I still talked about all the fun stuff we used to do. I would chat with Dennis, my hubby about her and her hubby. We always agreed that we really missed them and really needed to get in touch with them again.

The last time I saw them was when Brianna was baptized. That was a little over two years ago. Why didn't I ever contact them? She just likes one city over. I could have but picked up the phone and called her. I could have written a letter. No I have gotten LAZY.

I use the computer. If I don't have an email address for you or can't contact you through a website or messaging group I won't contact you most likely. I am a computer snob, LOL!!!

So why am I announcing my snobbiness to the world?

Today we went to a Wildlife Festival. I knew one of the professors I was friends with at Buffalo State College would be there so I sought him out. I walk in the tent and there is Margie and all grown up family. I turn around and there is a family that Dennis knows that we have a little of contact with. So in this Festival attended by thousands of people both Dennis and I encountered friends from our past and reconnected.

So now I have a new phone number and at last an email address for my friend. Did I write this on a scrap of paper or into my address book. No, The computer snob that I am entered her contact information into my new cell phone, that I can email messages from.

I love the World Wide Web!!!!!!

We went to a playground after the fest ended and the kids got to run amok. We got to catch up on old times and reflect on how small this world is that we all were in the same place at the same time today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Watching the Kittens Grow

Well the kittens are about 2 1/2 weeks old. They have open eyes and are walking. If you have never seen a kitten just starting to walk you really need to. Yes, kittens can fall down!!! They have these jerky little steps that they take then all of a sudden BOOM, down they go. It is adorible to watch. It is not like watching a child learning to walk. Maybe because they have four legs and are covered with fur. Of course they have a short stubby tail and they hold it straight out. You never see an adult cat walk that way.

The cutest thing is to watch them raect to Brianna. No one else gets this reaction. She gets with in visual range of the kittens and they run to her. Now this is not a cat run. It is a jerky kitten run, but it is fast. It is almost like they are being dragged against their will to her it is so fast. She of course is delighted to have the kittens come to her.

Mama cat is not so sure. It is the same for cats as humans. Once the babies become mobile all bets are off. She moves them around trying to keep them hidden. Brianna always manages to find them and they come running. Boomerang just gives me a helpless look and I try to explain that kids will do that, LOL!!!!

Butterscotch (he looks like butterscotch topping on an ice cream sundae) is the adventurous one. He is always exploring beyond were mama wants him to go. Simba (think the baby version of the Lion King) is a mamas boy. He is happy staying with her. Funny that seems to be like my children. Brianna (who has claimed Butterscotch as HER kitten) is the one I caught ridding her bigwheel down the street today. Patrick is the one who is always clinging to me to the point that he climbs behind me on a chair to be with me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Two First Days of School

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep... The alarm rings it is 7:30 am. I hear my son turn it off then some thunks and clucnks. The door opens and the sound of scuffy fast footsteps appear in the hall. Ah a bathroom run. The sound of a flush and then the scuffy fast feet again. My door opens with a blast and JUMP, I am attacked by kisses all over my face. "Mommy, Mommy lets go to school, see I am all dressed, lets go!!!!!!!" pleads my Kindergartener.

I look and see he has dressed himself. The shirt is too small, the shorts are too big and I see he is wearing his black spiderman undies. I am thinking that his classmates may not be ready to see his titey spidies, LOL!!! So I have to break the news to him that he needs to change his clothes.

Now Brianna wakes up and I have to get her dressed and both fed. Luckily she wants to wear a pretty dress. Bonus both want Waffles. Just pop them in the toaster and done!!!!

We leave a little earlier than planned to get to school. Only because if I didn't Patrick quite lickly would have exploded. Ooops I forgot the camera and had to go back for it. We cross the street to start the walk and I could visualize the racing flag being dropped. And there off is what I heard in my head as Patrick took off full of excitement and joy (why take that away from him prematurly.) At the corners while he waited for me he was literly just bouncing from all the excitement.

We get to school and I manage to get a few pics dispite his pleas to let him go in the building. There is a line of many students and parents. Some are crying some like Patrick just want to get in. It was pretty orderly. We all walk in to the classroom and get him settled. He basically dismissed me. "See you at the end of the day". SO I walk out and realize I have NO idea what time to pick him up at. I go to the office and find out. 3:10 is dismissal time. Glad I checked I thought 3:30, Ooops.

So Brianna and I walk home, I get her hair in pigtails, find her backpack and Daddy comes home from work for her first day of school. She just runs in to the class gives her teacher a HUGE hug and starts to play like she does this all the time. This week we stayed with here next week she will be on her own. I hope she handles it just as well.

After the kids went to bed tonight I started filling out the same information on about 30 different sheets of paper. Sign this form, now that one, ooops don't forget the other on. Wow paperwork times two is a lot!!!! The good news is I don't have to worry about snack at all this month. I like that!!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Overscheduled? Nope! Just blissfully busy - (my intro blog)

Cheerleading meets 3 nights a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-8 pm. We begin our "getting ready" routine at roughly 5 - so as to get there at a reasonable time (a good "pull-through" parking spot means the world to me) and at about quarter to six, we head up that dusty hill that is the West Seneca Football field. We pitch our chairs and send the girls on their way. (yes - girls! Little Loop Cheerleading was the one affordable activity I could involve both of my kids - 6 and 3 - in at the same time. Score one for me on time management!)

So while the kids are practicing, I use this time to do one (or many!) of several things: Chatting with my playgroup buddies (the playgroup - I'll get to that!), Work (my paid job as a Direct Care provider has me pretty much "on call" to field phone calls from my clients at all times), Eat dinner (I love pizza, but the novelty is quickly wearing off) and last, focus on yet another undertaking - Brownies. No, not baking them - leading them. So, score 2 for me on time management! I suppose I could sit and read quietly, but really, what fun would that be?!

Alrighty - so far we've logged Cheerleading and Brownie Girl Scouts... Both activities that my children can benefit from socially, and enjoy as well! Did I mention I work?

I do have a "real" job - and I use the term "real" only because I have made other money-making attempts by selling various products at home parties - and I wanted to differentiate between the two... and while I really did enjoy what I was doing at the time, I found the time and money I was spending to keep afloat was not worth the hassle. My real job consists of me working for a local agency doing what is called "direct care". I help "at risk" families and youth deal with their various challenges, as well as provide advocacy for them. It is extremely rewarding, and I truly enjoy every minute.

Now, even though I technically work, I have a hard time labeling myself as a "working mom". I was a stay at home mom from the time I was pregnant with my first until about this time last year. I do not utilize day care for my children - I rely on family and of course, my husband, to care for the kids while I work. Also, I only log about 5-7 hours a week in the field. I truly do not believe that I am "up there" with those moms who faithfully balance a demanding full time job, a husband, a personal life and of course, their children. So, for all intent and purpose, I am a SAHM who works PT.

Now on to that playgroup. Five years ago, when my oldest was just turning one, I had made several attempts to join and fit into area playgroups, and not that there was anything wrong with them, per se, but being the control freak that I am, I just felt the need to take what I didn't love about the other groups I had found and make one I could love. Since then, WNYMommies has become incredibly successful, and I am thankful every day for my "sisters". I spend a great deal of time managing the operation of this community - both online and in person. Our website and message board requires full time attention, as well as the PR and mom-politics involved.

Cheerleading. Brownies. Work. WNYMommies.

My goodness, I nearly forgot to actually mention the obvious! I'm a wife and mother! The most important aspects of my life - the reason I do everything I do! My loving husband, Scott, who works his behind off in a filthy steel plant every day (and night!) so we can have the life that we have - who has supported me in every adventure I decide to take us on (control freak - remember that!)... and of course my kids, who's names I haven't even mentioned yet!

Sara - my 6 year old. Typical first born, over-achieving, excels at everything she tries. (and unfortunately, is sometimes overlooked and overshadowed by her rambunctious little sister - I'm trying to change that!!) Sara is my original princess, is stoic and has infinite patience and is mature beyond her years.

Erin - my spirited 3 year old. A clone of me, and quirky and brilliant in her own ways - my entertainer. And Erin, even though she often attempts to beat her out for my attention and affections, adores her big sister, Sara.

So for the time being - for today, this is my life... never over-scheduled, but blissfully busy.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kittens, Butterflies and Kids, Oh My

What an eventful couple of days we had. First the painted Lady butterflies started emering from their chrysalises. We didn't even notice it at first. all of a sudden I looked up at the butterfly pavillion hanging over the stairs and there were three butterflies. I am still amazed at how quick the changes happen. We watched the chryalis form for most of them right before our eyes and just as quick they are out.

Friday morning I call the vet because our cat is overdue to have her kittens. I only know about when she got pregnant because the Daddy cat broke into our house to get to her. Yes that is right it was a crime of passion, LOL!!! I thought her due date was about the 22nd but gave her a little more time just incase. Well the vet had me bring her in and after a half hour of debating with myself I agreed to a kitty c-section. She got spayed at the same time so I don't have to worry about this again.

Well mama cat wants NOTHING to do with the two babies. They are so cute, orange and white like grandpa and daddy. The kids couldn't wait to hold them and the look on their face when they finally got the chance was priceless. They were fascinated by how tiny the bottles were. My daughter has become very good already at making meows sound just like the kittens. I mean scary good.

The kids have been bouncing off the walls the last few days. I can't wait until school starts. With both off to school I thought I would have a few quiet hours. Nope, I have to be mama cat. Well at least they are small and much quieter than the kids. Bonus they don't make as big a mess, at least not yet, LOL!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday

My son just turned five. I can't help but recall when I first saw him. He heard my voice and turned his head to see me. He was looking for him Mommy!!!! I couldn't wait to hold him and I remember being so happy!!!! Now here it is five years later and I still can't wait to hold him.

Next week my baby starts kindergarten and I know I am going to cry. I packed his backpack tonight after he went to bed. The backpack is full and in it seem to be all my hopes and dreams. I hope he grows up to be a gentleman. I dream that he will find the perfect job. What am I going to be like when he graduates?

Soon he meets his teacher and his classmatess. Is he worried about that, NO?!?! All that concerns him is how lunch is going to work. Where is the cafeteria? Should he bring or buy? I am worried about his future and he is just concered about lunch. I wish I was five again and lunch was my largest concern.

Today as we celebrated I watched him run among the trees with amamzement. He has gotten so big and so loving. Yes he can make a mess in the length of time it takes me to turn around, but his smile can melt my heart in even less time. He was making up rules of a game and it evolved right before my eyes. The joy on his face as we played along and the giggles I heard as he and his sister played together.

I absolutly love and am terrified of being a mommy at the same time. The future scares the pants off me. But the present, the now, as I watch my children grow up and celebrate milestones in their life (like a fifth birthday and the first day of school with in a week of each other) I find myself smiling and being so happy. All my life all I wanted was to be a Mommy. Now my dream has come true twice with one loving son and one beautiful daughter. This is all I ever wanted. I hope I live up to both of their expectations.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our day of "Amusement"

My parents invited us to Fantasy Island. Of course I had to day yes, who turns down a free trip to an amusement park? Let me start by saying I AM WORN OUT!!!!! It is amamzing how not going on the rides and watching your kids have fun can be so tiring,

Of course the day started late. We just can never get anywhere on time. Someone always forgets something. I have to admit today it was me. I forgot the all important stroller. What was worse was we never used it, we ended up renting a wagon. I really have to remember to get one. It was so much easier that the stroller.

Once we got to the park we found my parents near the front of the long line, see it pays to be late we had less time to wait, LOL!!! Then of course the rest of the family was later than we were. We took a couple laps around the parking lot and finally ran into them.

Now we have to figure out what do do first. I hear "Water park, carousel, roller coaster, train, slide, and tilt-a-whirl" (that was me). My parents said lunch and we all said "Okay". That would come back to haunt my husband after the Tilt-a-Whirl (guess why I dare you).

My son went on a couple of rides for the first time and loved them. It is nice that he is getting taller, but he is still a good three inches from riding the "good rides". Oh the look on his face as he saw the roller coasters. He took it well when he found out he couldn't ride many of the bigger rides.

My daughter however was happiest in her daddy's arms. Oh how many tears she said after daddy had to walk away (now known as the Tilt-a-whirl inccident). We went into the water park and the only time I managed to get some time with her was when we went on the Lazy River. After that she only had eyes for daddy. Though when grandpa offered her a ride on his scooter she did let go of daddy long enough for that.

So now I have sunburn on my nose, spent a fourtune on park food and am achey and tired. My kids are passed out in bed and I am smiling because we all had a great day. The smiles on their faces was worth all the aggrevation and grandpa even bought them each a souvenier. So it was another great day and there were hardly any fights between the kids!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Help" in the Garden

I was cleaning tonight when my husband comes in looking for our camera. I of course (being nosey) want to know what the kids are doing (or who is walking by, LOL). He tells me they are sharing and getting along!!!!


That can't be I think. Well I don't know where the camera is so I go outside to witness the event for myself.

I find them sharing old garden pots and putting rocks in them. Well at least they are not throwing the rocks at each other not making a mess. I notice some weeds in the garden and start weeding.

Well now my daughter decides she wants to help. Now help from my two year old in the garden is grabbing any randon plant that catches her eye and picking it. Lately that has been my pretty flowers. She completly ignores the weeds and even when I direct her to something I want picked she is bound and determined to destroy my flowers!!!!

The prettty yellow flowers (I have no idea what they are called as they were gifts and I have no memory) today were her victims of choice. One poor bud just about to open was just snatched off the stem. Of course she is so proud of herself and loving that she is "helping" mommy that it is so hard to look into that happy face and burst her bubble. But I do, LOL!!! I have to get her interested in something else.

Do I pick the rock sorting that her brother is doing (that can only stay harmless for so long I think) or have my husband, who started the whole thing with his camera quest anyway, to distract her. Husband it is!!! They end up going inside and now my son is noticing it is just me and him.

"Mommy, are we both doing 'Dirty Jobs' (he is obsessed with that show - Gotta love Mike Rowe)? Yes I tell him, because he of course is still nicely playing with the rocks. He then asks me if I like doing "Dirty Jobs", of couse I do I am a Mommy arn't I. "Mommy isn't it nice that we are both doing "Dirty Jobs" together?", "Mommy can we always do "Dirty Jobs together?"

After answering all his "Dirty Job" questions I am done withthe garden and notice the time. Ah my favorite time of day. "Bed time" I announce and we put away the rocks, pots and toys. I add my weeded bounty to the composter and we go inside for bath time. They were playing with rocks so of course they needed it. Snacks and bed are soon to follow.

Storytime is here and we pick out the books and they snuggle up and listen and then the realization hits. Tomorrow is Fantasy island day and off to sleep they go. Way to easy tonight I wonder what is in store for me tomorrow in the park, LOL!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Downs & Ups

I wake up this morning to my son giving me kisses. How nice I think. I ask him if my daughter had woken up and to my delight he said no. "Ah, some peace" I think so I ask him to watch TV and not to make a mess (I know I should have known better, especially with my son!!!). He says okay and I see him and hear the TV turn on. I snuggle in my bed for a minute I think and roll over to two children covered in white and giggling.

Never a good sign!!!

Patrick now tried to grab my leg as I rush out of the bedroom telling me about my "new rug"

Again not what I want to hear!!!

I go into the livingroom and see my blue carpet now white!!! OMG!!!!

So as I sit on my couch watching my oldest vaccum my rug sobbing about how he won't make anymore messes (like I haven't heard that before) I think to myself how nice it is that he is now old enough to do a decent job of cleaning up his messes. Soon the carpet is blue again and I make breakfast. Yes all this before my coffee!!!!

After breakfast we get birdseed ready to fill our bird feeder. Patrick uses the hose to clean and fill the bird bath and I plant my Mums from my Tenth Anniversary. It adds some nice color to the yard. Brianna thinks she is helping me and I now see a carpet of yellow and orange petals on my walkway. I hope the flowers can survive her help.

Later we see a flock of birds settle into the yard. We see Red Winged Blackbirds, Doves, Sparrows and Black Capped Chickadees. This is the first time I have seen Red Winged Blackbirds in our yard. Brianna is so excited to see them and is facinated to watch them drinking.

Both children now are snuggling with me and hugging me and telling me how much they love me. I give them lunch and can only hope my afternoon will be more like after breakfast than before.

So my day started out down but the rest of the day was so nice I almost forgot about the flour. I wonder what the fascination my children have with flour and my livingroom rug. I am pretty sure that the recipe will be icky anytime you add carpet.