Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why is the cat pink?

I wake up this morning bright and early. It was before the alarm rang and everything. Was it early enough? NO!!!!!!!!! I find Patrick in the kitchen, he dragged a chair over to the countertop, climbed up and I caught him opening up a container of brown sugar.

That wasn't the worst of it the floor was covered in food coloring. The cat had pink polka dots on it and there were trails of multi-colored kitty footprints all over the rug. Thus begins my day.


Then I have to trace down a tax ID for one of our doctors so our insurance would cover it. Of course then I have to call the insurance company. Why does it take so long to get a pre-notification number? That sucked up my whole free morning.

In fact this is my first quiet moment to myself all day. After a doctors appointment and watching my nephews add to that soccer practice, gardening and the normal mommy duties this was quite an eventful day.

Oh and the poor kitty is still covered in pink polka-dots.


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