Saturday, August 23, 2008

Missing you

I am just missing you today...I can't stop the tears from coming some days. I go to visit my mom in the same hospital we went with you for the last time. I think I wonder if they know about you when I look around to the staff. I don't think it's that often that they have that happen. I wonder if I mention it they will know. I see the balloons and flowers leaving with the new dads that say it's a girl and I remember when you were born. I miss you and still can't believe at times that this is what has happened. The question of why never leaves my mind. Some days the tears just roll down my face in an endless stream and onto my heart where you are. I hope you only feel the love I have for you and not the sadness that I feel when I ache for you. I hope you can feel how much we love you and I hope you felt that while we held you in our arms. I hope you knew how much we wanted you. I wish you were here.


hollyhobbie said...

We miss and love her too.

Jill said...

No one in heaven feels that we are sad. So don't worry about that. There is no sadness there, ever. Love you.