Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday

My son just turned five. I can't help but recall when I first saw him. He heard my voice and turned his head to see me. He was looking for him Mommy!!!! I couldn't wait to hold him and I remember being so happy!!!! Now here it is five years later and I still can't wait to hold him.

Next week my baby starts kindergarten and I know I am going to cry. I packed his backpack tonight after he went to bed. The backpack is full and in it seem to be all my hopes and dreams. I hope he grows up to be a gentleman. I dream that he will find the perfect job. What am I going to be like when he graduates?

Soon he meets his teacher and his classmatess. Is he worried about that, NO?!?! All that concerns him is how lunch is going to work. Where is the cafeteria? Should he bring or buy? I am worried about his future and he is just concered about lunch. I wish I was five again and lunch was my largest concern.

Today as we celebrated I watched him run among the trees with amamzement. He has gotten so big and so loving. Yes he can make a mess in the length of time it takes me to turn around, but his smile can melt my heart in even less time. He was making up rules of a game and it evolved right before my eyes. The joy on his face as we played along and the giggles I heard as he and his sister played together.

I absolutly love and am terrified of being a mommy at the same time. The future scares the pants off me. But the present, the now, as I watch my children grow up and celebrate milestones in their life (like a fifth birthday and the first day of school with in a week of each other) I find myself smiling and being so happy. All my life all I wanted was to be a Mommy. Now my dream has come true twice with one loving son and one beautiful daughter. This is all I ever wanted. I hope I live up to both of their expectations.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our day of "Amusement"

My parents invited us to Fantasy Island. Of course I had to day yes, who turns down a free trip to an amusement park? Let me start by saying I AM WORN OUT!!!!! It is amamzing how not going on the rides and watching your kids have fun can be so tiring,

Of course the day started late. We just can never get anywhere on time. Someone always forgets something. I have to admit today it was me. I forgot the all important stroller. What was worse was we never used it, we ended up renting a wagon. I really have to remember to get one. It was so much easier that the stroller.

Once we got to the park we found my parents near the front of the long line, see it pays to be late we had less time to wait, LOL!!! Then of course the rest of the family was later than we were. We took a couple laps around the parking lot and finally ran into them.

Now we have to figure out what do do first. I hear "Water park, carousel, roller coaster, train, slide, and tilt-a-whirl" (that was me). My parents said lunch and we all said "Okay". That would come back to haunt my husband after the Tilt-a-Whirl (guess why I dare you).

My son went on a couple of rides for the first time and loved them. It is nice that he is getting taller, but he is still a good three inches from riding the "good rides". Oh the look on his face as he saw the roller coasters. He took it well when he found out he couldn't ride many of the bigger rides.

My daughter however was happiest in her daddy's arms. Oh how many tears she said after daddy had to walk away (now known as the Tilt-a-whirl inccident). We went into the water park and the only time I managed to get some time with her was when we went on the Lazy River. After that she only had eyes for daddy. Though when grandpa offered her a ride on his scooter she did let go of daddy long enough for that.

So now I have sunburn on my nose, spent a fourtune on park food and am achey and tired. My kids are passed out in bed and I am smiling because we all had a great day. The smiles on their faces was worth all the aggrevation and grandpa even bought them each a souvenier. So it was another great day and there were hardly any fights between the kids!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Help" in the Garden

I was cleaning tonight when my husband comes in looking for our camera. I of course (being nosey) want to know what the kids are doing (or who is walking by, LOL). He tells me they are sharing and getting along!!!!


That can't be I think. Well I don't know where the camera is so I go outside to witness the event for myself.

I find them sharing old garden pots and putting rocks in them. Well at least they are not throwing the rocks at each other not making a mess. I notice some weeds in the garden and start weeding.

Well now my daughter decides she wants to help. Now help from my two year old in the garden is grabbing any randon plant that catches her eye and picking it. Lately that has been my pretty flowers. She completly ignores the weeds and even when I direct her to something I want picked she is bound and determined to destroy my flowers!!!!

The prettty yellow flowers (I have no idea what they are called as they were gifts and I have no memory) today were her victims of choice. One poor bud just about to open was just snatched off the stem. Of course she is so proud of herself and loving that she is "helping" mommy that it is so hard to look into that happy face and burst her bubble. But I do, LOL!!! I have to get her interested in something else.

Do I pick the rock sorting that her brother is doing (that can only stay harmless for so long I think) or have my husband, who started the whole thing with his camera quest anyway, to distract her. Husband it is!!! They end up going inside and now my son is noticing it is just me and him.

"Mommy, are we both doing 'Dirty Jobs' (he is obsessed with that show - Gotta love Mike Rowe)? Yes I tell him, because he of course is still nicely playing with the rocks. He then asks me if I like doing "Dirty Jobs", of couse I do I am a Mommy arn't I. "Mommy isn't it nice that we are both doing "Dirty Jobs" together?", "Mommy can we always do "Dirty Jobs together?"

After answering all his "Dirty Job" questions I am done withthe garden and notice the time. Ah my favorite time of day. "Bed time" I announce and we put away the rocks, pots and toys. I add my weeded bounty to the composter and we go inside for bath time. They were playing with rocks so of course they needed it. Snacks and bed are soon to follow.

Storytime is here and we pick out the books and they snuggle up and listen and then the realization hits. Tomorrow is Fantasy island day and off to sleep they go. Way to easy tonight I wonder what is in store for me tomorrow in the park, LOL!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Downs & Ups

I wake up this morning to my son giving me kisses. How nice I think. I ask him if my daughter had woken up and to my delight he said no. "Ah, some peace" I think so I ask him to watch TV and not to make a mess (I know I should have known better, especially with my son!!!). He says okay and I see him and hear the TV turn on. I snuggle in my bed for a minute I think and roll over to two children covered in white and giggling.

Never a good sign!!!

Patrick now tried to grab my leg as I rush out of the bedroom telling me about my "new rug"

Again not what I want to hear!!!

I go into the livingroom and see my blue carpet now white!!! OMG!!!!

So as I sit on my couch watching my oldest vaccum my rug sobbing about how he won't make anymore messes (like I haven't heard that before) I think to myself how nice it is that he is now old enough to do a decent job of cleaning up his messes. Soon the carpet is blue again and I make breakfast. Yes all this before my coffee!!!!

After breakfast we get birdseed ready to fill our bird feeder. Patrick uses the hose to clean and fill the bird bath and I plant my Mums from my Tenth Anniversary. It adds some nice color to the yard. Brianna thinks she is helping me and I now see a carpet of yellow and orange petals on my walkway. I hope the flowers can survive her help.

Later we see a flock of birds settle into the yard. We see Red Winged Blackbirds, Doves, Sparrows and Black Capped Chickadees. This is the first time I have seen Red Winged Blackbirds in our yard. Brianna is so excited to see them and is facinated to watch them drinking.

Both children now are snuggling with me and hugging me and telling me how much they love me. I give them lunch and can only hope my afternoon will be more like after breakfast than before.

So my day started out down but the rest of the day was so nice I almost forgot about the flour. I wonder what the fascination my children have with flour and my livingroom rug. I am pretty sure that the recipe will be icky anytime you add carpet.