Sunday, November 18, 2007

My growing girls....

When did my six-year old become mature enough to cry during the sad parts of a movie?? I must admit, I get teary eyed myself, but was hiding in the bedroom folding laundry while my 6 and 3 year old daughters watched Casper on the Family Channel. (yes - the one with Christina Ricci in it - her mom is dead, she moves into this haunted mansion and meets Casper)... Anwho at the end are some pretty tear-jerking "deep" scenes, and don't I hear her sniffling away out there!!

My baby has turned into a little person overnight. Crying at grown-up scenes in movies, laughing at the subtle humor in Sesame Street, writing notes to her friends at school and even getting phone calls!! (I'm so not ready for this).

I wonder often... when did this happen? I look at her baby pictures and it just seems so long ago, when in reality it was only a few years... but doesn't a few years go so fast now?

Short and sweet ;)

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