Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Kitten-Napper

Today Brianna decided she didn't need a nap no matter how much I tried to convince her otherwise. The kittens have decided to start exploring dispite mama's objections. I guess swe both have children issues now. So Brianna was loving watching the kittens wander around and was occupied. I had a friend over and we were talking and I noticed that mama cat was being more vocal than usual and wandering around. I got up and saw the door to my room was closed so I opened it since the kittens and mama reside under my bed where no one can reach. I figured she was just upset that she and the kittens were not in the safe place and a new person was in the house.

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Mama ran inside and I went back to talking and Brianna was happily in her room NOT napping. Once my friend left Brianna was telling me all about her kiiten and how she loved it and how it was so cute sleeping. Mama was still looking all over and making all sorts of noise. I asked Brianna where her kitten was and she told me it was in her room. I follwed her into her room and snuggled in her dresser drawer nestled in her clothes was Butterscotch.

No wonder Mama couldn't find him. So "rescued" the kitten and returned him to Mama and she was so happy. Meanwhile Simba was nestled under the bed in the farthest corner happily away from the kitten-nappers reach. Three and a half weeks was all it took for her to pull of this capper. I wonder how much longer it will take before Simba gets smuggled into the drawer too.

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