Friday, August 24, 2007

Downs & Ups

I wake up this morning to my son giving me kisses. How nice I think. I ask him if my daughter had woken up and to my delight he said no. "Ah, some peace" I think so I ask him to watch TV and not to make a mess (I know I should have known better, especially with my son!!!). He says okay and I see him and hear the TV turn on. I snuggle in my bed for a minute I think and roll over to two children covered in white and giggling.

Never a good sign!!!

Patrick now tried to grab my leg as I rush out of the bedroom telling me about my "new rug"

Again not what I want to hear!!!

I go into the livingroom and see my blue carpet now white!!! OMG!!!!

So as I sit on my couch watching my oldest vaccum my rug sobbing about how he won't make anymore messes (like I haven't heard that before) I think to myself how nice it is that he is now old enough to do a decent job of cleaning up his messes. Soon the carpet is blue again and I make breakfast. Yes all this before my coffee!!!!

After breakfast we get birdseed ready to fill our bird feeder. Patrick uses the hose to clean and fill the bird bath and I plant my Mums from my Tenth Anniversary. It adds some nice color to the yard. Brianna thinks she is helping me and I now see a carpet of yellow and orange petals on my walkway. I hope the flowers can survive her help.

Later we see a flock of birds settle into the yard. We see Red Winged Blackbirds, Doves, Sparrows and Black Capped Chickadees. This is the first time I have seen Red Winged Blackbirds in our yard. Brianna is so excited to see them and is facinated to watch them drinking.

Both children now are snuggling with me and hugging me and telling me how much they love me. I give them lunch and can only hope my afternoon will be more like after breakfast than before.

So my day started out down but the rest of the day was so nice I almost forgot about the flour. I wonder what the fascination my children have with flour and my livingroom rug. I am pretty sure that the recipe will be icky anytime you add carpet.

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