Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Always the Little Things

My tooth has been bothering me since mid-October. Of course it is a wisdom tooth. I have had three dentist appointments about it so far. The last one they tried to remove it. It is infected and the antibiotics haven't worked well. The pain as they tried to pull it was intense. I would rather go through natural childbirth again before they do that again. So I got another two prescriptions for pain and a stronger antibiotic.

Another two prescriptions on top of the multitude I already take for so many things. My body won't regulate potassium so I have to take that. My blood is acidic so I have to take another pill 4x's a day for that. Oh and there is the depression which ran out this week and I didn't notice. So I spent a night without it.

If I miss a dose I get a bit emotional and dizzy. So Dennis went to get my meds and picked up three scripts. He brought them to me and I opened the bag and emptied them out. I was dizzy and didn't want to walk so I had a couple other scripts next to me. All the bottles kind of clanked together as Brianna came up to me to snuggle.

All of a sudden I was crying. I looked at all the bottles of meds I have to take. It just looked like hundreds of bottles at that moment. I looked at Brianna and hoped she never had to take all the pills I have to. It is such a regular thing for mommy to take meds. Brianna keeps me on my toes and reminds me. My baby already knows what prescription bottles are.

Oh and then I took out a pill for my depression and dropped it in-between the couch cousins. I panicked. I am already upset about taking so many meds now I am worried I won;t be able to find the pill and the kids will find it and take it. So I reach for it and It falls all the way down to the bottom. SO I get hubby to lift the couch and there is a liner. No we have to play tilt the couch to get at the pill and it wouldn't come out.

Remember I didn't take the depression meds the day before and I am already emotional. I want that pill found I am focused on that and Dennis really doesn't seem to care because it is in the liner and thinks the kids won't get to it. This is one of the meds that has a risk of suicide for children under 18 so again I panic. Now I think of how the kittens play in the couch and might eat it

Yes I am going berserk over a pill. It took us 20 minutes to get it out. I calmed down took my pill and tried to calm down.

It is always the little things that seem to effect us the most. Oh and I still need this wisdom tooth pulled. Hopefully before Christmas!!!!

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