Monday, November 26, 2007

My Favorite Snuggles

I am sick. I mean stay in bed all day, throat feels like it made of broken glass, light is bad and 70 degrees feels cold sick. Luckily it is the weekend and my hubby took over. The house looks like a hurricane hit and the sink is full of dishes but I got to stay in bed for most of the day. I still had to negotiate some squables and dry some tears but I feel better.

My wisdom tooth needs to come out. I am on antibiotics, pain killers and just added anbesol to the mix. I have one more week before it is yanked. To give you an idea of how much it hurts a pillow hurts when it touches my cheek. The soft fuzzy hair of my kittens when brushed on my face makes me wince.

SO why am I telling you about all the ick in my life. Well tonight after the kids went to bed and I sent hubby out for anbesol ($8.00 a bottle OUCH!!!!!) I snuck a peek at Brianna. She was still awake and I cuddled up next to her in her bed. She kisses me on my cheek (yes the side that hurts because of that darn tooth #&$*%!?) and said "I love you mommy". Then she snuggled up next to me and started to hum. All the pain went away as I melted in my babies arms.

Oh those magic snuggles that are exactly what we need at exactly the right time. Nothing else seems to matter!!!!!

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