Friday, October 24, 2008

Today was yucky!

I was kinda blindsided. I got a memo the other day saying we were going to give the one preggo girl in my building a book for the baby. Well I forgot and today I went to work and had a spare brand new one in my class that was Gabby's. It wasn't anything special really. No thought involved. It turned out to be like a mini baby shower for this lady which was ok but I really didn't want to be there. I didn't have much of a choice it was at lunch time and not everyone there knows my business. To top it off the special teacher had her baby there at lunch. her almost 8 month old baby. I nearly crawled out of my skin. I realize I can't avoid babies of course and there are few I can tolerate. Well only one I know of...he just melts my heart. What can I say he wore me down..LOL! but anyway most babies especially girls get to me. It is just horrible when they are there for extended periods of time. I don't want to miss out on seeing my niece I love her and she is family. So I am basically watching this baby shower and sitting next to this baby. I didn't choose to sit next to the baby the person next to me wanted to hold her. Then they start doing so big with her. I started getting misty eyed because the last time I saw addie I was doing that with her. I feel like I can't just get up and leave cause the entire faculty is sitting there watching her. Plus I felt weird with the people who knew sitting there. So I just sat there trying my hardest not to burst into tears. It was the worst situation I could ever think of except being on nursery duty or something. I know where I will be uncomfortable and I don't put myself in those types of situations. Really I should be able to have lunch at work without babies or baby showers. It was just awful and I never wanted to sprint out of a place more. I hope it gets better.


hollyhobbie said...

So sorry and I'm sure it will get easier. You are taking it one step at a time and little by little. BIG HUGS!

Laurie said...

Im sorry that was so tough for you to get through

Celestemarie said...

It was not an option to just eat in your room? or is that just a St. Chris thing? how are those people there that dumb? I mean even if everything is not all out in the open - something like your situation would NEVER be so unknown that you would get put in that position. I mean what the hell kind of bunch of non-communicative people are these?
And couldn't someone have given you the heads up that a baby was coming so you could avoid the lunchroom.