Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Death is the most concrete word there is. You are either dead or alive. However, it can sometimes be the most difficult to accept and understand. So hard to understand when someone dies suddenly. The question of why just circles your mind. When someone who was healthy gets a fatal diagnosis. When there is an accident and most of all when someone just dies. I don't really understand why babies of all people just all of a sudden die. There has to be a reason. Why does this happen? What can we do to stop it? Almost every other kind of death there is a way to prevent it. Of course there are still freak accidents. Is SIDS just some sort of freak accident? So many people assume that the baby was sick in some way. When I say it was SIDS they just say how sorry they are. Then I don't know how to respond. SIDS is something no one really knows that much about yet nothing can be done to find out. There are so many theories as to why it might happen in babies. Some people even say that their are possible neurological problems which I don't believe. I think that is just a theory. How can you have neurological problems but not a single symptom except you up and die. What if it is sleep apnea? I think that maybe they should do sleep studies on babies. It painless and harmless to the baby itself and the end result of course is not death. They could see if that is a possible connection. I just don't understand I guess why there is no information on this type of death except sorry your baby was healthy but she just stopped breathing. Why can't they do more? Why are they coming up empty. if death is so concrete then why can't there be a concrete reason?

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hollyhobbie said...

Are you ok? I hope it wasn't because of the party and it upset you. We love you.