Monday, May 5, 2008

It all Started at McDonald's

Friday I went through McDonald's Drive-Thru at breakfast. Brianna just wanted a sausage. We picked up our order and I drove home so we could eat. Did I check the bag? NO!!!!!

So When we get home Brianna doesn't have any sausage. I gave her the sausage from my McGriddle and called to complain. They told me to ask for a new one when I am next there for breakfast.

So this morning on the way to her school we go through Drive-Thru and Brianna wants a toy too. Usually they will give them to us no charge if I ask and there is a child in the car. Not all McDonald's do that even though they are supposed to. At least that is what my brother tells me, he is an overnight manager there. They won't give me one cause I didn't buy anything.

So to avoid tears and I was hungry anyway I order a dollar menu item. Do I have money with me? Again, NO!!!!! So out comes the bank card. Ooops I forgot the money in the bank is waiting for the never cashed check that still hasn't been cashed.

I remember the bag of pop bottles in the car and when I picked Brianna up from school the bak in the store was finally open so I turned in pop bottles to get the dollar to deposit in the bank before the Tonawanda Soccer Club cashes the check during the few hours that we are under the amount in the bank. Somehow that is always when the checks are cashed, LOL!!!

We end up with $1.55 in bottles so I bought some M&M's for us to share. They were 2/.88 so I knew I would still have that $1.00 to put in the bank. The cashier hands me .98 change!!!! We can clearly see the M&M's are .44 a bag, not the .62 they rang up as. SUPER REFUND!!!!!

I ended up with $2.10 plus .23 back from the refund. Bonus when I was at the bank I found out our checks were still free and we just ran out so I got new checks too.

It all started with a sausage order at McDonald's end ended with a profit for me and free checks. Not a bad mornings work, LOL!!!

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