Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost a year without you!

I am told not to mark this day. Don't go to the cemetery, don't grieve, don't make it more difficult than it already is. Treat this day as any other. Once I have decided to do this I feel relieved. I feel a sense of yeah its coming up and yeah it doesn't change anything. Some good things have happened as a result of your death. I will not let your passing just fade away. I will not let your memory fade and I certainly won't forget or let anyone else forget. We were all robbed of knowing you but we will not be robbed of you. Every time I feel you have left me I am reminded you have not. I have learned so much about myself this last year. I have learned my faith is strong but I am still angry. No matter what good comes from your death I still don't see your life as collateral for these great things that have happened. I know that some things in life we don't get an answer because it is not one we can understand. I have learned the kindness of other people and that when you need it most they do come through. I have learned to pull strength from God's comfort even though I am mad at him and wonder where he was? Some say he was there. I prefer to think maybe he was taking a nap. I fear that if I don't my anger will grow. I look at pictures of you often and remember how it was to hold you. I leave the kitchen light on because I always did in case you needed a bottle at night. I can't bring myself to turn it off. I sleep with your pink bunny you got for Easter in hopes you will visit me in my sleep. As I go to sleep I am reminded every night how you are not here. I look into the empty crib the only reminder of your recent presence and I turn out the light as if it were symbolic. Night time still seems to be the worst time. It is the time of day that my thoughts are left to myself. I lay still trying to shut my thoughts off. Then I remember how long ago it seems that you slept next to me. I remember rocking you in the chair as I am wearing the same jammies I wore then. I feel the need to touch the spot where you head lay as if it was just there. The last time I held you always works its way into my mind and then the other horrible burned in memories flood my mind. The warm tears slide down my cheeks and onto my pillow. I lay awake in silence soaking my pillow. I finally give in to something to help and slip into a restless night of sleep only hoping that one of my dreams is of you. Goodnight my sweet baby!

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